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David Martin +61424963339 Link
I have just returned to Beijing after a very enjoyable and enlightening tour organised by Aziz. Aziz himself loves to travel. This is a key factor that allows him to better understand what is important to a tourist/adventurer. His is so keen for his clients to understand the real Uzbek way of life, their history, culture and food, not just enjoy the famous and stunning historic sightseeing places.
When in Bukhara and Samarkand he organised local guides Akobir and Feruza to showcase these stunning cities. They were also excellent.
Every part of my tour was seamless and informative thanks to Aziz's professionalism, organisational skills and attention to detail. On the downside, if you do want to travel to Uzbekistan with Aziz, you had better book well in advance because he only provides a personal service and there is only one Aziz!
I hope you enjoy Uzbekistan as much as I did, Best Wishes David Martin
Lanita Hyatt Link
The Fergana Valley is well worth the long drive! Aziz took us to some very interesting places and helped us with shopping at the wonderful bazaar. He was nice about answering all my questions about the education system and other aspects of Uzbek life. We felt safe driving in the crazy traffic with him.
Judith Janofsky Link
Aziz was a wonderful guide. Very knowledgeable on the history and culture of Tashkent. He was very flexible with customizing the itinerary for us. We would definitely recommend him.
Juri Brester Link
Wir haben dieses Jahr eine große Asia Tour geplant und für den Aufenthalt in Usbekistan haben wir uns für Aziz entschieden. Wir haben mit ihm eine Tagestour in Taschkent und eine Tagestour in Samarkand gemacht. Aziz konnte uns sehr viel, über Usbekistan und die einzelnen Städte die wir besucht haben, erzählen. Er hat uns die Kultur und die Geschichte Usbekistans näher gebracht. Aziz hat sich auch darum gekümmert uns vom Bahnhof zum Hotel zu bringen und hat uns Empfehlungen für Restaurants gegeben. Er ist ein wahrer Kenner von dem Land und der Geschichte. Das einzige was wir bereuen ist, dass wir nur 2 Tage für Usbekistan eingeplant haben.
Aziz danke für alles.
Giulia Vallese Link
Aziz is a very knowledgeable, passionate and hard working guide who enjoys his work. We highly recommend booking a tour with him, especially if you are interested in the history and culture of Uzbekistan.
Kim Myers Link
The cycling tour with Aziz was excellent, From the initial query he was very helpful arranging a better time to suit our travel arrangements, arranging for good quality well maintained bikes and cycle helmets, and an excellent tour showing me safely around both the old and new city, with plenty of opportunity to stop and take photos. Tashkent is new to cyclists, so there are few times when you will need to dismount to cross road, but overall an amazing way to experience such a diverse city.
Daniel Capurro Link
A friend and I went on a 10-night tour to Uzbekistan this spring. We hired Aziz to plan and guide it. While he was only available to guide for the first few days, his planning was impeccable and the trip went without a hitch. Hotels, drivers, trains, internal flights and tour guides were all sorted for us and we had no problems. The guides in each city were local, friendly and knowledgeable, while Aziz was always contactable and keeping tabs on our progress.
Aziz himself was a great guide. He was highly flexible and keen to cater to our interests. He also took us off the beaten track and showed us some great unusual spots. He was excellent company throughout.
I highly recommend hiring Aziz for your visit.
Daniel Capurro
Frances Fedden Link
I am a Freelance Travel Consultant and Aziz has worked with me in Uzbekistan since 2012, setting up trips for Kudu Travel Ltd.

How lucky I was to find him! We have visited deserts, mountains, markets, historical cities and remote villages. We have camped under the stars and found elusive tracks in the remote hills. His knowledge of the country is extensive, his energy boundless and I love the way he adds to his wealth of knowledge every time he steps out the door. He has been an excellent companion to me and groups of British guests on holiday, and he has shown himself to be very patient as we clamour to go to another bazaar. Aziz has worked hard to find local food specialities for us to try and he has helped identify the desert flora that can be difficult to find in reference books. I know him to be a great person to travel with, a dependable and excellent local guide.

Frances Fedden
We had a number of guides during our 2017 visit to Central Asia. Aziz was by far the best; knowledgeable, prompt, timely and took well care of us. If you are fortunate enough to have Aziz as your guide, do not hesitate a moment.
Mike Johnson Link
This was a great time. Riding through the city was an awesome way to see more than just the inside of historical buildings. Aziz was very knowledgeable about the history of Tashkent and its architecture. I learned a lot about how different buildings reflected old Tashkent, the influence of Soviet Union post earthquake in 1960, and modern construction. Aziz was very flexible about sites to visit and the bike was top notch. If you are in good shape and comfortable on a MTB I would totally recommend.

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