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Stephen Kelly 9143302404 Link
I just returned from a 7 day tour of Uzbekistan sponsored by Kal-Pak with Aziz as the guide. We had a diverse group of 9 from US,UK,Canada and Australia. The first day I met Aziz I knew that he was a special person. He spoke freely and with love about Uzbekstan. He shared his encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the silk road and how it relates to the present. I came knowing little about the silk road and left with a comprehensive knowledge of the country and the Muslim population who reside there. Aziz was always on time, organized and had a good sense of humor. He was able to keep the group together and also appeal to individual requests. He aranged transport and meals in a very efficient timeframe. In one week we were able to see the primary sites in 4 different locations. In addition to the visiting the standard tourist sites Aziz took us to offbeat locations where we could appreciate the local culture. Every day we accomplished our programs and had time for individual exploration. I am a physician with high expectations of professionals. As a professional tour guide Aziz is outstanding an would recommend a private tour with him at any time
Dr Stephen Kelly MD
Paul Zimmer Link
I took a 4-5 hour cycling tour of Tashkent with Aziz. Overall, it was a pleasant experience: His communication prior to the tour was excellent, he showed up on time, and, as I had requested, he brought a bike big enough for my 6'5" frame. Luckily we were touring on a light-traffic Sunday because traffic and infrastructure in Tashkent are not ideal for cycling. We hit many of the major sites, had lunch, and Aziz did a great job of explaining the culture and history and showing me around. Recommended!
John Stanmeyer 413 429-5755 Link
Had the privilege to work with Aziz on a 32-day assignment with National Geographic magazine. Kind, hard worker, a problem solver, Aziz helped in accomplishing what initially was though to be a complex story to photograph, turning our time together into an adventure of discovery. We traveled the entire length of Uzbekistan, into some of the most remotest regions of the country. Using Aziz's car, we were comfortable, efficiently traveling for thousands of kilometers. Having worked in more than 100 countries, on more than 14 Nat Geo stories, collaborating with numerous talented fixer/translator/guides/friends/family across the planet, I cannot recommend more highly Aziz Khalmuradov. All my best, John Stanmeyer
Andrew Chung Link
Tashkent City Tour:
This was a special Tashkent city tour that was designed specially for me by Aziz. I enjoyed his company and he was very punctual. I bet I got to see more of Tashkent than all the average visitors that would do the regular city tour. I was introduced to some delicious Uzbek food! Got to understand thoroughly of the rich Uzbek culture. I do hope to return to Uzbekistan again soon.

Day Tout to Samarkand:
5 out of 5 for our cool Uzbekistan guide. Visiting Samarkand was one of my dreams and Aziz made it happen. He is very intelligent and worldly. I got to learn so much about the history of Uzbekistan. I hope to see him again and visit some of the other great sites of Uzbekistan that I didn't get to see due to the lack of time. So I highly recommend him to everyone.
Gauditz, Sabine Schmidt, Johann Link
We had a very nice and interesting trip at Fergana Valley. Mr. Azizbek told us a lot about the history and the culture of Usbekistan.
Maznah Kassim Link
Very satisfied. Aziz understood why we want to go to Uzbekistan and tour was arranged accordingly. Everybody loved this Uzbek trip. I give my high recommendation on Aziz to anybody who's looking for a tourguide.
Darren Lam Link
Azizbek has been very good guide, knowledgable and helpful. He is one of the best guide I have worked with in different countries.
Julia Hagie Link
Aziz K. helped us plan our amazing 2 week Uzbekistan tour from its inception and was our capable, professional and trusty guide and driver throughout. He absolutely made this trip a success. He has a vast knowledge of Central Asian history and culture which he presents in an understandable and interesting way. Many of the roads were pretty difficult, but he proved to be an outstanding and very safe driver. And, in addition to all this, he is very pleasant and nice to be around.
Andrzej Murawski Link
Thank you for this trully customer needs oriented, friendly, flexible in meeting customers needs and highly profesionally arraged guidance.
Emily Piachaud Link
We really enjoyed our classic Silk Road tour of Uzbekistan. The organisation, the choice of hotels and the travel arrangements were all excellent. Aziz is knowlegeable and passionate about his country and we learnt a lot about the history of Central Asia. We were very happy with our tour and would recommend Aziz as a very good and caring guide / tour operator.

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